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For the same reason you farm tomatoes in your garden for flavor and health, we farm grapes for flavor and health. We believe how you build the soil is directly tied to the quality it yields. We don’t spray herbicides on our vineyards, instead we make judicious tractor passes and hand labor to keep weeds at bay, and where possible invite sheep into the vineyard as our “wooly weeders”. We aim to avoid over-compression of the soil in both approaches. Our vineyards use owl boxes, fencing and bird netting to discourage animals who would like to eat the grapes. Our vineyards are planted with cover crops that help nourish the soil to keep it healthy for the fruit development. The vineyard is a balanced ecological community that we foster in order to enhance the land and environment for future generations. Last, we use solar where possible, as seen in this photo of our extensive solar array powering the winery. Overall, we work with our estate vineyard and growers toward aspirations of certified organic status.



There are very few businesses that are as vertically integrated as winemaking. We farm the grapes, we guide all production decisions, we determine all packaging decisions, then we share the product with people and their friends and family inside their homes or out at restaurants. This process gives us a voice in the movement of sustainability that we take seriously.

In order to promote this philosophy we keg wines that are appropriate for that vessel type to reduce glass and cork shipments. We source once used shipping containers to give them a second life in route to you. As much as we would love our grandchildren to revel in a glass of wine we made, we want them to have the chance to delight in the land around us.